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The flow rate of a tankless water heater depends upon the temperature of the incoming water.  In general, the warmer the incoming water temperature is, the more flow you will get from a tankless water heater.  This flow rate can be simply determined by calculating the temperature rise.  The temperature rise is basically how much you need to heat the water to reach the desired temperature setting.  For example, if you set the heater's temperature to 105oF and your area's ground water temperature  is 60oF, the difference is 45oF in temperature rise.  It is always recommended that you choose a residential tankless hot water heater based on the colder seasons so that you will get the peak demand you need for hot water.


The chart is for ESTIMATION ONLY. Actual temperature of your incoming water will vary by geographic location. Before installation, have a registered plumber size the application according to Noritz Specification Sheets. As the leading tankless water heater manufacturer, we create these sheets to ensure all of your residential applications are met, every time.

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