SXT+ R410A Two-Stage Air Conditioner


Product Overview

SXT+ R410A Two-Stage Air Conditioner



The Copeland® scroll compressor operates without noisy pistons and comes with a deluxe sound blanket to reduce compressor sound levels. Two-stage operation means it runs mostly in the lower, quieter stage and switches to the higher stage in higher temperatures for more cooling.


The galvanized steel cabinet features a coated inlet grille with narrower spacing to provide maximum protection as it allows for proper airflow and easy coil cleaning.


The scroll compressor and the 7 mm copper tubing with aluminum fin coils work collectively to save on energy.

Smooth Operation

The two-speed fan motor operates most of the time on quieter, lower speed. Aerodynamic air discharge design reduces operating sounds. Matching with variable speed indoor fan allows whisper-quiet indoor operation.

Service Friendly

The Comfort Alert II system has all of the standard comfort alert features. Plus, it can alert homeowners to call for service before a problem develops by working with an optional Comfort Alert II compatible thermostat.

.   Energy-savings up to 16 or 18 SEER exceeds federal efficiency standards.

.   Two-stage operation system reduces temperature and humidity swings in
     the home by heating and cooling more evenly.

.   10 year No Hassle Replacement Warranty* gives you a brand new unit
     should the compressor fail or outdoor coil fails.

.   10 year limited warranty* on scroll compressor.

.   10 year limited warranty* on coil.

.   7 year limited warranty* on all functional parts.

.   HELP® (Homeowner's Extended Labor Program) available.




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